These Are the 10 Home Decor Trends Experts Swear By

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Are you looking for some novel and unique ideas for your home décor? Ever considered installing a voice-activated assistant that will keep you up to date about the latest weather conditions as you pour your favorite brand of coffee into a colorful mug from your warming drawer? May be that’s not how you roll. No problem, we have something for almost everyone in this primer about the latest home décor trends.

When we talk about home décor, the last couple of years have witnessed everything from Scandinavian-inspired interiors to well-woven wall hangings. We perused through Houzz data, carefully sifted through trendy articles and photos, and had conversations with industry experts to figure out 10 trends we contend you would love to see more of in your home. It is definitely worth exploring the best decor trends that are likely to stay on repeat in houses throughout the country and probably in your own residence.

Here is our top 10 list. Most of these trends are inspiring, elegant, chic and most importantly do not require a complete overhaul of your indoor space.


Satin Brass

Brass finishes have come back with a bang in recent years. Adored for their distinct ability to exude a glossy golden tone, they will give your indoors an exclusive touch without a steep price tag. But there is something better designers, such as Elizabeth Lawson, are ditching: the reflective nature of lustrous brass and embracing brushed brass or satin, because it is warmer and muted.

These experts are enamored with satin brass finish as it goes well with numerous styles and is more transitional. It is especially ideal for your kitchen but will be good for your rooms as well and when combined with other finishes it will give an eclectic vibe that you will fall in love with.


Tropical Prints

There is no denying that interior design takes plenty of cues from the expansive runways, and recently, we have seen Prada, Marc Jacobs and Emanuel Ungaro try out all things tropical. In the opinion of Lawrence-Bullard, tropical prints will continue to dominate designer fabrics and wallpapers. However, do not fret if these prints are a little out of character for your taste. Experts suggest a couple of throw pillows will enhance the trendy pattern and recommend purchasing a plain sofa and tweaking it with printed pillows.


Texture & Patterns

Intertwining textures with your indoor space makes it more warm and welcoming and the concept of combining materials and fabrics will continue to grow. Professionals believe that texture is important and it is penetrating everything, from light fixtures to wallpapers, and from fabrics to brushed brass tables. Try draping thick and nubby wool throw over mix fabrics or a leather chair for decorative pillows.




Brass and Marble Combinations

An aspiring and reputable interior designer Young Huh, promises brass and marble will remain trendy over the next couple of years. This trend will dominate both bathrooms and kitchens as it is a combination of something clean and natural, such as white marble along with something hard, industrial and a tad glamorous, like brass.


Splurging on Entryways

The entrance to your house, similar to a powder room, is often a compact space which is open to experimentation by combining fun and design without having to blow your budget. Homeowners usually dole out an average of $2,000 to spruce up their entryway that is about 150 square feet. But, believe me, sometimes all you need is a small portion of the entryway to feature a couple of funny wallpapers, a narrow table or a statement mirror. First impressions really matter so make them count.





Indoor Showers with an Outdoor Feel

Although the idea of an outdoor shower is enticing, it is not pragmatic throughout the year in most areas. For getting around this weather-related dilemma, homeowners and designers are seeking to combine strategic site placement and courtyards to develop fabulous bathrooms that connect intimately to your outdoors while keeping privacy intact.



You should always strive to develop a house that feels curated, and one of the easiest ways of accomplishing this is via geometric patterns. You will come across creative geometrics that are peculiar to ancient cultures. Whether they are Asian or African patterns, they will feel modern. Think in terms of geometric designs, simple lines and triangles.






Artisan-Crafted Furniture

According to interior designer Beth Smith, in the coming years we will see a great emphasis on distinctly crafted furniture. People are likely to revert to furniture that involves greater investment, which means purchasing furniture that is uniquely made out of the finest materials. This type of furniture has a distinct style and a longer life and is crafted with a special soul and warmth that is hard to imitate. She highly recommends shopping for antique pieces that will bring loads of character to your house and surfing websites, such as Chairish.


Go Green

According to well-known interior designer Martyn Bullard, who boasts Kendall Jenner as one of his top clients, Green is in vogue. From emerald to lime green, the charming hue will work throughout your house, whether as a room-filling rug or a wall color. If you are not too sure about the concept of using different shades of green in huge doses, Lawrence has a good recommendation that involves adding really funky and fun emerald glasses to your conventional white plates and you will get that classic up-to-the minute view.





Quirky Lighting

You can think of lighting as an essential accessory for your indoor space. It is one of the best ways of showing off your unique and inimitable design sensibility. A set of quirky lighting fixtures will look splendid in your dining room. It is just an ideal space for quirky lighting, which will definitely add something unusual to your dining room. In addition, you can also spruce up those bedside lamps with a touch of something memorable.

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