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Trending Real Estate – Micro Apartments


There is a new trend in real estate, the tiny house movement has paved the way for micro apartments. These mini homes are popping up in big cities across the United States in hopes of relinquishing the lack of housing as population continues to increase.

Eat, sleep, brush your teeth all in one small space? Micro apartments are smartly designed to have everything you need in roughly 250-400 square feet of space. Designer’s spare no detail untouched in these spaces. Everything has a purpose. Tiny living is all about getting rid of unnecessary possessions and having only the essential items. 


micro apartment

Perfect Fit For Modern Day

These uniquely, adorable micro homes are targeted to single dwellers who are active and social. These individuals would spend more time in public places and have a desire to live a more urban lifestyle. As millennials move into the housing market we shift forward into a new way of living. Relationships and kids are starting at a later age. Priorities like travel, social networking and outdoor living are taking precedence over having a large home and heavy mortgage.  

Do these homes really save you money? It just depends on how you look at it. Micro apartments are more prominent in expensive metropolis cities like New York and San Francisco. While the cost of these mini homes is significantly less than a large suburban home, typically you will pay a lot more per square foot. The actual price of tiny homes may make look into the validity of purchasing one for yourself.

Alternatively, putting things into perspective, Huffington Post shows us the jaw-dropping rent prices in some of America’s largest cities.


micro apartment

Effects Of Tiny Living

There are some discrepancies with this new type of confined housing. There are no current studies showing what mental or emotional effects these micro spaces may cause. Some critics have compared the living spaces to dorms and even prison cells. On the flip side, many of these units are selling before the builders have even finished the project. People are definitely looking for unique and different housing options that fit their lifestyle.

Talk about tiny, Gizmodo lists the US Cities with the tiniest apartment allowances.


For many people these homes solve the building crises and allow the possibility of homeownership. A lot of single, young adults are happy to trade off space for ownership and abundant urban amenities.
Could you see yourself scaling down to live in one of these micro spaces?


Check out Freshome and see some of the best micro home developments from East to West coast. 

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