Where Should You Put Your Retirement Money?

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The 8 Best States To Put Your Retirement Money


You’ve put in your time, you’re days of working are over and now it’s time to trade in your current home for a locale that’s a little more relaxing. In no particular order we’ve compiled a list of the most popular states for retirees to plant their roots. These states have been scored based on cost of living, quality of health care, crime rate, weather and culture. If you’re looking for the top spot to hang up your briefcase, here is where you should put your retirement money:


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The most easterly state has a beautiful coastal landscape and just about every outdoor amenity you can think of. Living here allows room to stretch your legs, enjoy a stroll in the mountains or a leisurely boat ride on the water. Maine has a rather large community of retirees giving proof that it’s a wonderful place to make home. Although the weather is not ideal the health care system more than makes up for it. Maine tops most states for quality health care and overall safety.




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The high cost of living doesn’t seem to scare away residents in Colorado. If you’re an active adult this is the place to be. Although having all four seasons isn’t ideal for everyone, Colorado sees an average of 300 days with sunshine so pack your sunglasses. The state’s senior population is lower than most but people love Colorado for it’s high quality of life and overall culture.



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New Hampshire

Never mind the cold winters of New Hampshire. It has so much more to offer as a retirement state. It ranks high in just about every other area retirees look for. With top notch healthcare, minimal taxes and an abundance of retirement communities this is a great state to plant down some roots. New Hampshire is also a gateway for travel to places like, Boston, New York and Canada to the North.



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Massachusetts is a gorgeous oceanside state. Housing Boston, one of America’s oldest cities brings character and charm to this Eastern state. Visits to Cape Cod and more rural cities will allow you to relax straight into retirement.




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The state of Idaho has one of the lowest costs of living in the US and offers very affordable housing for its local residents. Although low on the culture aspect, Idaho is another great spot for outdoor lovers. Boise, Garden City, Twin Falls and Coeur d’Alene are all very popular towns for retirees.




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Florida has long been an excellent spot to kickback and relax. So why is it so popular? Beach lovers can bask in the glory and soak in the warm temperatures. You can choose between big city life and quiet inland living, the only dilemma will be your price point. It is a great place to make friends as it has numerous retirement communities in the continental US. The non-existence of income tax is also a plus.



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If you’re looking for stunning sights, endless activities, warm weather, and delicious food then Arizona is the place for you. Home to the Grand Canyon and many other parks, Arizona’s landscape will take your breath away. Other perks include, affordable housing a world class state fair and golf galore. 





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South Carolina

Ahh the southern, historic charm of South Carolina. What a dream to live your golden years here. A favorite vacation destination because of  its mild climate and beautiful beaches. Adding to that, general affordability and low crime rate, South Carolina is a no-brainer for retirement. Golfers rejoice, Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the world. With a slogan like “smiling faces and beautiful places” who wouldn’t want to call this state home.

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