Save Money With The 7 Best Free Interior Design Apps

free interior design apps

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Free Interior Design Apps You Should Be Using!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with home renovations or don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our roundup of the 7 best free interior design apps! These fun and easy to use apps will make you feel like a true designer when you take on your next home project. If you’re looking for a thrifty DIY solution instead of hiring a designer try out these great design and decor apps.



Start your design process by getting inspired using the Houzz app. Browse millions of photos of interior and exterior designs. You can use the Sketch feature on any Houzz image and record a note to check back to later. The friendly app lets you connect with designers in your area as well as other users to get feedback on your designs. You can even hire a local designer using the app and make your inspiration come to life! The Houzz app is the greatest resource to help get started on your next project. We love that it’s free to use!

free interior design apps


Adobe Capture CC 

Decorators rejoice! You’ll love this free app from Adobe! If you don’t have an eye for color mixing, you don’t need one! Our favourite feature is the fact that you can create custom color palettes by taking a picture on your camera. If you have a beautifully colored blanket or art piece, (anything really) snap a photo of it! Adobe Capture will select the colors from the image and create a palette so you have your favorite colors on file. This fantastic design tool can even upload different patterns.



free interior design apps


According to HomeAdvisor home owners spent an average of $5300 for a professional interior designer.



Color Capture Benjamin Moore

Solidify your color choices with Color Capture by Benjamin Moore. Expand your color horizon and browse thousands of paint swatches to find your perfect color. Create color combinations and share them with your friends on Social Media. After you’ve selected your colors save them to the app and then take it to your local Benjamin Moore dealer. Simple Convenience! 


free interior design apps


Home Styler Interior Design

Next step Decorating! This fun app lets you play around with different furnishings and decor giving you an idea of what looks stunning in any room of your house. To use the Home Styler app, clear out the room you would like to decorate, take a picture and import the photo to the app. Use the library full of endless decor items to fill your room. When you’re finished you share your design via Facebook to get opinions from your friends and family.


free interior design apps - home styler



Magic Plan

The MagicPlan app promises to save time by creating floor plans in a matter of minutes. Choose the room you would like to design and take photos of the corners. The intelligent app gives you a floor plan and allows you to make changes by sliding around sections and shifting dimensions. This fantastic app lets you create any floor plan for free. At an additional cost you can export your plans and access premium objects like furniture, floors, roofing and even plumbing fixtures. You can save thousands in design costs and be sure everything will fit correctly. The MagicPlan makes designing your home  and accounting for space issues effortless. 


free interior design apps


Home Design 3D GOLD

Okay so this one’s not free but it’s well worth it! Another planning style app, Home Design 3D allows you to design your home from beginning to end. This easy to use, professional app has high praise and for good reason. The impressive process lets you design your floor plan, decorate and export or share your final project to make your home remodel manageable. With the ability to decorate your interior as well as exterior of your home the possibilities are endless. Honestly this app is fun to play with even if your not redesigning your home. The simple drag and drop process lets you redesign architectural elements to help you visualize just how stunning your new space could look.



free interior design apps


iHandy Level

The name says it all, the iHandy Level app acts as a handheld leveller for all of your important home decor jobs.

The apps creators say you can use iHandy Level for:

  • Home decoration
  • Picture Alignment
  • Angle measurement
  • Measure angles of slope
  • Measure the verticality of a wall or furniture

Calibratration before use is recommended.


free interior design apps - ihandy level



*Bonus App*


Before running out to your local garden center and purchasing landscaping supplies you’re not sure you’ll like, check out iScape. With iScape you can accomplish DIY design for your whole outdoor space and decide on greenery before you make a purchase. If you are hiring a landscaping professional this is also a great way to share your vision. Use a picture of your outdoor space and implement any type of greenery you can imagine. Alternatively you can use a stock photo in the iScape library. Choose from walkways, flowers, shrubs and even patio furniture to create your perfect outdoor oasis.



free interior design apps - iscape

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