How To Live Simply – A Guide To Having A Minimalist Home

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Minimalism At Home


Do you ever look around your home and wonder how you accumulated so much “stuff?” Your home is meant to be a place to escape the daily grind, relax and feel comfortable. In our consumer focused world it’s easy to get bogged down with purchasing the newest and latest trends without really even thinking about it. Instead of filling your home with endless items, try something new. Inherit a minimalist attitude and enjoy more time to appreciate the things you love. Let the clutter go, be free!


“Enjoy your favourite things everyday by only owning your favourite things.”


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Why Go Minimalist?

Minimalism isn’t for everyone. Some people like collecting a multitude of items to display in their homes and that’s okay. However, you’re looking for a change than maybe a more simplistic way of living can be beneficial to you.

The idea of minimalism is to cut past all of the superficial items we accumulate and go back to the basics of life. Clear home, clear mind.



  • Efficiency – If you have trouble finding things in your cluttered house, having a simplified, organized space allows you to know where everything is hiding.
  • Spend Less – You will save hundreds of dollars by not feeling the need to blow your next paycheque at your nearest shopping center.
  • Relaxation – There is something peaceful about the attractive appearance of a tidy space.
  • Less Stress – You will spend a lot less time cleaning, shopping and fretting about what needs to sit on your new bathroom shelves. Save the stress and use your new spare time to do something that truly makes you happy.

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How To Go Minimalist:


1.) Set A Full Weekend Aside

Choose a weekend to allow yourself to take the time to simplify. Minimalism is a lifestyle change and it does take some work.


2.) Purge Every Room

Set a plan and tackle your whole home. It works easy to organize everything into keep, sell and donate piles. This allows you to take proper inventory and really think about what items have purpose in your life.

Note: Know when to let things go. If you’re holding onto things you haven’t used in 6 months to a year it’s probably time to let it go.


3.) Make Sure You Have Proper Storage Solutions

When you’re trying to keep clutter to a minimum it’s imperative to have proper storage solutions. Some things you should have excess of include: storage boxes, closet space, shelving and proper filing solutions.


4.) Get Everyone On Board

Get the whole family involved. Having everyone working together and on the same page is your best tool to keeping a tidy home.


5.) Stay On Top Of Decluttering

The final step and one of the toughest – keep up with the clutter. The easiest way to do this is to stop bringing new items into your home, however with kids and pets this can be challenging. Set a daily schedule of things you would like to keep on top of and stick to it. A half an hour everyday of sweeping, tidying and filing should keep you on track.

Minimizing takes work and you’ll have to shift your thinking. You’re not getting rid of all the things you love that are adding character to your home. You’re keeping all the items you really love, that are meaningful and serve a purpose. 


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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