9 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Space

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Is your living space feeling just a little cramped? This can easily be remedied with some simple design tricks and a bit of spare time. Try these 10 tricks to make your small space feel exponentially bigger:


small space - murphy bed


Have Multi-Purpose Everything

Pieces that serve as double duty are going to be your best finds. If you need additional rest areas try investing in a murphy bed or a sleeper sofa that can easily be tucked away. 


small space - mirror


Mirror Image

You can always create the illusion of more space. Use mirrors to your advantage, place them vertically to elongate the room. Drape transparent curtains and fabrics over your windows and walls. Dark shades can make the space feel closed off. Glass tables and decor can also play up the feeling of openness.  


small space - open concept


Open Layout

Have a wall that’s making your home feel closed in? Get rid of it for a more open layout. Always make sure to check if it’s load bearing first.


small space - continuity


Create Calm With Continuity

You can create a calm flowing space by continuing your decor throughout your entire home. This will keep the eyes from darting around.


small space - sofa


Statement Furniture

Fill up your space with a larger statement piece. A sizeable couch or bed that fits the space is better than having multiple pieces that just create clutter.


small space - clutter free


Clutter Free Zones

Try the minimalist approach by getting rid of all the clutter you don’t need.


small space - vertical storage


Look Up

Don’t be vertically challenged make use of all your space. Take it up high for all your storage and decor needs.


small space - white kitchen


Keep it Light

Darker colors will close off your home. Go with light shades to keep everything airy and reflective.


small space - storage


Don’t Have Storage, Create It!

We’ll stress this again, everything that can be hidden away will help your space issue immensely. Purchase ottomans or coffee tables that open up to tuck away your belongings. Or make use of unused space like the staircase shelving pictured above.




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