The Perfect Layout for You – A Guide To Kitchen Design

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Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. It is a drop off zone, common area and a place to share meals with your family. As well as looking fantastic you want your kitchen design to function well. Here is a guide to kitchen layouts and how they’ll work in your space:

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L-Shaped Kitchens 

The L-shaped kitchen contains two walls of cabinets and countertops that come together to form the L. This layout is ideal for a smaller and medium sized kitchen. Offering an open floor plan this type of kitchen is built for entertainers and allows extra space for guests. The practical perpendicular design leaves room for customization including a center island.


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Galley Kitchens

The galley kitchen is a classic design that is favoured most by chefs. Most restaurants possess this style for it’s functionality and efficiency. Having countertops on either side of the room allows for easy movement from one area to the other. However, a commercial kitchen is entirely different then preparing food in your kitchen at home.  A galley kitchen can feel closed off and might not allow space for an island or dining table.


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U-Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped kitchen is essentially a wider version of the galley style with one end closed off. These kitchens can be stunning if you have an expanse of space that allows a work area in the center. If your U-shaped kitchen is smaller in size you can increase seating by adding an eating counter and barstools to one side. Typically the horseshoe style kitchen is better for one cook in the workspace.


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One Wall Kitchen

Often seen in apartments or small homes, this space saving style offers convenience because everything is in close proximity.  The downside to this style is the lack of counter space to prepare on. Without a proper work triangle the sink is usually positioned between the stove and the refrigerator. Purchasing smaller more compact appliances is one way to save on extra counter and cabinet space. If your space allows adding a portable island or cart makes room for extra storage and prep area.


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Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are advantageous for several reasons including storage, counter space and entertaining. An island is often the heartbeat of your home. This can be a great space for your kids to do their homework or to serve your glamorous holiday buffet. Islands are versatile and customizable to your kitchen needs.


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Traditional Work Triangle

When planning out your kitchen layout their is a concept called the work triangle. This concept is the correlation of the three most used areas of your kitchen. It is the idea of imaginary lines connecting between the refrigerator, sink and cooktop. The concept of the work triangle is to maximize efficiency within the kitchen cutting out unnecessary steps.


If you want to learn more about the work triangle and how it can apply to your design check out Houzz.


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