10 Spookiest Halloween DIY Ideas For Your Home

halloween diy ideas - house

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Halloween can be one of the most fun and creative times of year. If you’re looking for a way to go the extra mile this year here are 10 spooky and budget friendly ways to haunt all of your visitors until next year.


1. Ghostly Creatures

Use old sheets you have lying around or head to your local thrift store to find some there! Attach a ball or balloon to a wooden stake and cover it with the sheet. Add a ghoulish face to complete the look! Easy!

halloween diy ideas - ghosts


2. Floating Witches Hats

Purchase witches hats from the dollar store or make your own using black card paper. Use fishing wire to hang the hats below your roof to give the magical illusion of floating hats.

halloween diy ideas - hat


3. Skeleton Graveyard 

Pick up gravestones from your local halloween or dollar store. Complete the graveyard with skeletons and bones strewn around the graves.

halloween diy ideas -grave


4. Spooky Spiderwebs 

Hang cheesecloth from your roof and around your windows. Let it drape and rip out sections to make the webs extra spooky.

halloween diy ideas - web


5. Scary Window Shows 

This technique is very simple to add that extra bit of ‘scary’ to your home. Cut out your favourite halloween silhouettes on black poster board and tape them to your windows. Use florescent coloured tissue paper to back the silhouettes. Turn on your lights and voila!

halloween diy ideas - windows


6. Outdoor Witches Brew 

A smoke machine can give the ultimate illusion for a witch boiling up her nasty brew. 

Check out how to make your own smoking cauldron from instructables.

halloween diy ideas - cauldron


7. Wooden Signs 

If you have old wood pieces hanging around the house, use some spray paint to make halloween themed signs. Metallics work great or stick with Halloween orange and blacks.

halloween diy - signs


8. Awake The Dead 

Zombies are all the rage, you can make your own zombie apocalypse on your front lawn. Use old clothing items, stuff and paint them for bloodied limbs coming from beneath the ground. Add some zombie life sized characters crossing the lawn to really scare your visitors..

halloween diy - zombie


9. Pumpkin Pathway 

Use an assortment of small and large carved pumpkins with candles to light the way to your front door. Pumpkins are classic halloween decor and this will create an inviting feel.

halloween diy - pumpkins


10. Gourd Garland 

Pick smaller gourds and add holes with a drill to thread string or rope through.  Hang your garland from your trees or along your roof.


halloween diy ideas - gourd



If you are really looking to wow your neighbours this year check out how to build a haunted maze from Holidappy.

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