Could You Live In A Tiny Home? Here Is The Reality Of Tiny Living!

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Have you ever thought about downsizing and living in a tiny home? I think just about everyone sees these idyllic dollhouse like homes and has a brief glimmering vision of what this cozy life could look like for them. Before you take the plunge let’s look at the pros and cons that could sway your decisions.




tiny home - interiorFreedom

Your tiny home is really what you make of it. It can be a full time dwelling, a vacation getaway or even a source of rental income. If a large mortgage hovering over your head isn’t for you a tiny home may be a better option while still enjoying the freedoms of homeownership.


Saving Money

Most people look at a tiny home as a great way to get ahead financially and it can be. They are quite affordable and many owners have little to no mortgage dependant on the choice of building upgrades and materials used. Monthly bills are minimal compared to a regular sized home and you have the option to completely eliminate them with options like solar panels and composting toilets.



Life in a tiny home offers simplicity because you will have to rid most of the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years. Take on a fresh perspective of minimal consumption. Tiny living leaves ample room for a minimalistic way of life allowing you to enjoy the things that are important to you and focus less on materialistic things.


tiny home - outdoorsOutdoor Living

Most people purchase a tiny home in the hopes of enjoying the great outdoors. You won’t really have a choice, your space will be so small that you’ll want to get outside to escape the cramped space. This opens up more opportunity to be a part of your community and enjoy local fare.


Reduced Footprint

Homes have doubled in size from 40 years ago. People are now realizing they do not need an excess amount of space to live and be happy in. You can reduce your environmental footprint by living tiny. These minuscule homes will obviously have the added benefit of reducing your ecological impact on the world.



Having a tiny home with wheels (depending on the size) can open up doors for travel. You can literally be mobile with all of the comforts of home.


Here are some stories from tiny home dwellers who moved on to bigger horizons:




Lack Of Space

Obviously one of the biggest hardships for this kind of living is the lack of space. No spare bedrooms (if you get a proper bedroom at all), no office and minimal kitchen storage. If you love to shop could you give up your full sized closet? Would you rather a regular size fridge or a dining table? These will all be things you will have to prioritize if you have the option of customizing your tiny house. 

How will the small space constrain your life? In reality you will need to think about things like injuries and illness, how will you get up to your loft bed with a broken leg?

Another annoyance to think about in a small space is pets. They’re obviously a part of your family but could you deal with the close quarters of a litter box or the scent of your wet dog who has just come in from the rain?


Looking For Land

So you have planned to build a tiny house, where are you going to put it? There are options to purchase a tiny home that is already on a plot but if this is not the case looking for land can take time and be very costly. More costly than your tiny home in some cases. If you do decide to purchase bare land are there sewer and water hookups available? How will you manage this and what will the additional cost be?


Single Livingtiny home - living

It goes without saying that you won’t be able to have your whole family over for holiday dinners in your tiny abode. Are you prepared to give up entertaining? What about kids, will there be enough space for everyone?

Typically tiny homes work best for a single person or a couple who don’t mind being in each other’s space at all times. Too much quality time can become overbearing and finding solitude can be impossible.



Tiny homes are a unique option and offer the possibility to get ahead financially. With all of the pros and cons make sure to do your homework before you decide that this option is for you.


Check out places like Airbnb or where you can try out living in a tiny home before you make the purchase.



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