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Ever wondered what the homes of the uber-rich looked like? We’ve got a list of the most extravagant Hampton Homes owned by some of the world’s richest people. You don’t want to miss this!

 High Profile Hampton Homes

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Ira Rennert
Home Value: $250 million

If you don’t know who Ira Rennert is, we recommend getting on Google real quick to find out what his likes and dislikes are, because you’re going to want to be friends with him after seeing his home.

Built in 1990’s, his 62,000 square foot compound located on over 63 acres of beach front property is definitely something you need to see to believe. Not only does it boast roughly 26 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms (no one knows for sure), it also includes 3 pools, a $150,000 hot tub, 2 tennis courts, 2 squash courts, a two-lane bowling alley, 10,000 square foot “playhouse” and a 164 seat theater, you’d also be able to host a pretty epic dinner party in the 91 foot long dining room.

If the home were listed on the market today, it could fetch up to $500 million! Our advice, start saving now.


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Ronald Perelman
Home Value: $120 million

Nicknamed, The Creeks, this amazing Hampton home was built in 1899 and is now home to Revlon chairman, Ron Perelman. The home includes 40 rooms, 9 fireplaces and a half mile of beachfront, all on over 50 acres of prime land. While not much more is known about the compound, Ron is known for throwing lavish fundraisers and parties on the grounds where people like Richard Gere pay $50,000 to sponsor a table and $2,500 a seat just to be able to experience it. 

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Stewart Rahr
Home Value: $95 million

The 18,000 square foot home, known as Burnt Point, was put on the market in the summer of 2015 for $95 million. It was quickly taken off after only a few short months, for what we assume was lack of interest (who has $95 mil just kicking around?). The No. 1 King of All Fun made sure the home was prepared parties galore! Along with eight bedrooms, it also includes a vaulted wine cellar with a tasting room and a billiards and game room, not to mention the sprawling shoreline! In 2004, he purchased the home for a mere $43 million, which made it the most expensive piece of residential real estate in New York at the time (now it’s got some contenders for that spot!).

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Steve Cohen
Home Value: $60 million

There has been a  lot of controversy surrounding this 10,000 square foot stunner located in the East Hamptons. The home was bought by Steve Cohen in 2013 but was never lived in because of accusations of insider trading which caused him to shut down his firm and pay $616 million in fines. Now that the dust has settled, he has completely torn down the old mansion with plans of building a 24,000 square foot mega mansion in its place (that square footage does not include the pool house in case you were wondering). We can’t wait to see what this new one will look like.

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David Tepper
Home Value: $43 million

This beautiful Hampton Home is known to the locals (and most of the United States) as the “revenge house”. Why, you might ask? Because David Tepper bought the home from his old boss’s ex-wife, just to tear it down and build a mansion 2x the size. The 15,000 square foot “Georgian” mansion is completed by a roof-top terrace, hot tub, tennis cort and questionably shaped pool, which could be another sign he’s trying to send to his old boss.


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Noam Gottesman
Home Value: $24 million

Gottesman’s London-based firm GLG Partners was sold to Man Group for $1.6 billion in 2010. He’s since invested in luxury real estate. His three properties in East Hampton are conservatively estimated at a combined $24 million. One waterfront property’s master suite has a private sitting room, five fireplaces and a screened-in porch. The grounds also include formal gardens, a pool house and spa.

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