You Can Now Live in Adam Carolla’s Home for $5.3M or $13,500/Month

Adam Carolla's Home

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Adam Carolla has listed his long-time home in LA for a cool $5.3 million dollars this past week. Who is Adam Carolla again? You know him. He’s the boisterous and outspoken host from the former Comedy Central hit, The Man Show (Cohosted with Jimmy Kimmel), had the number one downloaded podcast series in 2011 and now cohosts Loveline with celebrity Addiction Specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Adam bought the 5,757-square-foot villa back in 2003 and has lived there for over 10 years. The villa was built in 1928 and features amazing views, a custom-built pub, beautiful backyard and many spacious patios to enjoy the California sunshine.

The home boasts 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and also comes complete with a 10-car garage, which will not be surprising to any fans of Adam as he is always willing to share his love of cars with his audience. The garage also features an elevator lift and attached gated, circular driveway – you know, to show them off!

Located in Lake Hollywood, this home is perfect for celebrity get togethers. You can entertain them in the custom-built pub which is complete with portholes, a pool table and bar stools or outside on the spacious patio or pool deck.

Although Adam may have stepped out of the limelight a little bit lately, he’s still rolling in the dough. Since purchasing this home in 2003 for only $1.63 Million, he has managed to flip it for a profit of nearly $4 million. Turns out, Adam’s turned real estate into a bit of a hobby and has actually been leasing this home for the past while for only $13,500/month. Smart move, Adam!

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