5 Reasons Using A Realtor Is The Way To Go

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Buying a home can be a life changing event. In fact, it usually is! While the excitement of getting into a new home can leaved you ecstatic, the amount of work and obstacles you will have to deal with before getting those new keys can be down right overwhelming. So if you’re debating whether or not to hire a Real Estate agent to sell your home (or buy your first home) we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 things that makes hiring a realtor a great investment in both your new future and your sanity!

Using a Realtor - Save You Time

1. They Save Time

Realtors know what they are doing, and they are there to help things go as smoothly and quickly as possible. So many things can go wrong when buying or selling a home and having an agent will keep you from getting caught up in the little things and wasting any valuable time.

We also know that time is of the essence when it comes to the real estate market. So many things rely on good timing that there is really no room for learning the process on the fly. Since realtors are well versed in all the things that could possibly go wrong, when the inevitable problems do arise, they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Using a Realtor - Marketing

2. They Do Your Marketing

The saying, “putting your house on the market” didn’t come around for no reason. Selling your home really is all about the marketing, and how well it your house can be presented to potential buyers. Not only can this be an incredibly time consuming task, it can also end up costing a lot of money in the long run.

Not only will your agent put your house on the web and utilize everything from social media, to blogs, to SEO and lead generation, they also create print materials like brochures, photographs, floor plans and advertisements. They want to sell your home as much as you do so they will put a lot of effort into getting it seen and ultimately sold!

Using a Realtor - Connections

3. They Have Good Connections

How many people do you know personally in the market for a new home? One? Maybe two? Real Estate agents know hundreds and are meeting more on a daily basis.

Not only do they have a list of potential buyers at their disposal, they also know all the top stagers, landscapers, inspectors and handy men in the city. Need a quick refresh to your backyard to get your home open house ready? They know the perfect person. Have a broken railing on your front porch? They got you covered. Anything you need for the sale of your home to go smoothly, they will help you with.

Using a Realtor - Staging

4. They Know How To Set The Stage

Real estate agents have an eye for what potential buyers want. They can instantly look at a room and tell you what needs to stay, what needs to go and where things need to move to utilize the space to its fullest potential. Many people don’t know that the number one thing you can do when selling your home is to depersonalize the space. Take down any family photos, knick-knacks, keepsakes and anything else the room doesn’t need. 

Sometimes, agents will even have their own staging furniture to give your home that extra oomph, or even to fill out rooms that you don’t use. The key is to keep things minimal, fresh and modern, that way more people can envision their own things in the space without being distracted by your personal belongings. It starts them on the path of seeing the home as their own, and making that important sale.

Using a Realtor - More Money

5. They Can Get You Better Offers

One of the great things about Real Estate agents is that the more your home sells for, the more they get paid. While that may not seem like something you want (who wants to pay someone more money?), trust us, it is.

Since the agent will make more commission off a larger sale, they will be willing to do just about anything to sell your home for the highest amount possible. This could mean show in a lot of different ways since each individual agent will have their own selling strategy, but you’re sure to end up with a bit more cash in your pocket and an easy transaction in the end!

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